Innovative Surfaces - Annual Event 2022

Unique format and sharing of expertise

  • NTN members present latest technologies at roundtables
  • Discussion of success factors, Q&A
  • State of the art & the latest from industrial applications
  • Time for networking: Foyer exhibition

Novel and optimized functional materials are the driving force behind all technological progress.
To meet the shortened development times in a global environment, new processes for more efficient material and coating development must be researched and tested. High-throughput processes are a successful example of this.


Morning program 10.30h – 12.00h: Roundtables with showcases

Glasartige Beschichtungen für besondere Anforderungen
Roman Fuchs, FME GmbH
Surfaces in the context of prevention and oral health
Andaç Armutlulu, Institut Straumann AG
Openair-Plasma® Technology for Wetting, Sealing & Bonding in Battery Applications
Klaus Kresser, Plasmatreat Schweiz AG
Injection overmoulding of plasma functionalized substrates: adhesion promotion and new material combinations
Johannes Konrad, Institut iRAP HEFR
Searching for traces in the primordial soup
Lukas Schuler, Xirrus GmbH
Pitch your Projects in the Nano Community Collaboration Corner (nc3)
Leendert den Haan, Marcus Morstein, Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG
Die Fähigkeiten der Gruppe Oberflächen aus der Fachhochschule (Haute Ecole Arc) zu Ihren Diensten!
Oksana Banakh, Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie (HES-SO)
State of the Art Testing, Quick Mode – Preserving Accuracy
Philippe Renaud, Stefano Okretic, Anton Paar Switzerland AG
Entwicklung von funktionalen Beschichtungen am IMPE
Toni Schneider, IMPE – ZHAW
12.00 Buffet Lunch

Afternoon program 13.00h - 16.30h: plenum talks«Efficient Design for New Functionalities»


Welcome and introduction
Andreas Hafner, Jörg Güttinger, NTN Innovative Surfaces

Smart Materials by Inkjet: Combining innovative nanomaterials with Inkjet to produce new functional surfaces
Gilbert Gugler, iPrint Institute HEF

Towards an autonomous robotic battery materials innovation platform
Corsin Battaglia, Empa

14.15Coffee Break

Innovative parylene based PECVD/ALD multilayer structure with optimized surface functionality
Andreas Hogg, Coat X SA

High-entropy ceramics: Between hype and future opportunities
Michael Stuer, Empa

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis in Thermal Spray Modelling
Majid Nabavi, Oerlikon Surface Solutions




Datum: 27.10.2022, 10:30 – 16:30

HEIA-FR, Pérolles 80, CH-1700 Fribourg

Preis: 90 CHF


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