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Swiss Tribology Technical Meeting 2019

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Preliminary program, Swiss Tribology Annual Meeting 2019:

9:00-9:30      Registration

9:30-9:40      Rowena Crockett, Empa, Introduction

9:40-9:50      Marcus Morstein, Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG, Activities at the HTZ

9:50-10:10    Christian Mathis-Ullrich, SuSoS, Tribology-driven product performance: from soft matter to hard facts

10:10-10:30  Senad Hasanovic, Ceramaret SA, Surface treatments on ceramics – how to achieve a surface roughness value within ±0.1 microns span, industrially?

10:30-11:00  Coffee break

11:00-11:20  Kilian Wasmer, Empa, When acoustic emission (AE) and artificial intelligence (AI) meets tribology

11:20-11:40  Nicholas Randall, Alemnis AG, Recent innovation in in-situ tribology testing at the micro and nanoscale

11:40-12:00  Joël Voyer, V-Research, Influence of Hierarchical Micro-Texturing of Polymer Surfaces on their Ice Sliding Friction Behaviour.

12:00-12:20  Urs Schönholzer, SBB, Tribological challenges in railway track

12:20-13:30  Lunch

13:30-13:50  Ulrich Buxtorf, Burckhardt Compression, Dry and lubricated sliding of materials  -  a match not made in heaven

13:50-14:10  Andrea Arcifa, Empa, Dry and lubricated sliding of materials ‑ a match not made in heaven

14:10-14:30  Achim Schöer, TriboTech AG, Ceramic enhanced anti-friction coating, tribological testing and applications

14:30-14:50  Arnulf Hörtnagl, Institut für Werkstoffsystemtechnik Thurgau, Dual-disc tribometer as a tool to study the phase transformation of metastable austenitic stainless steels

14:50-15:20  Coffee break

15:20-15:40  Christof Scherrer, ZHAW, Topography Characterisation Tools: Tactile vs. Confocal

15:40-16:00  Florian Rummel, Anton Paar GmbH, Soft tribology: testing for biomedical applications

16:00-16:20  Marcus Morstein, Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG, Characterization and tribological properties of sputtered (Ti,V)B2 hard coatings

16:20            Apéro


Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG
Badenerstrasse 13, 5200 Brugg, Schweiz

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